Saturday, January 30, 2010

My crafting adventures

I have loved handmade things since I was a little girl. Great grandma made me Barbie furniture out of yarn and plastic canvas, grandma sewed my American Girl doll clothes, and my mom and I had so much fun going to the Christmas craft bazaar each year. I remember my first sewing project was a Barbie sleeping bag and pillow. Barbie loved to go camping with them!

I also really enjoy making gifts for people. At the end of each school year, I melt broken crayons into soap molds and make new crayons shaped like seashells for my students. It costs me nothing and all summer long as the students color with them, they can remember their kindergarten teacher. Hopefully that crayon stays off the walls! My favorite wedding gift was a cookbook of handwritten recipes from a grad school classmate. Even though I love and appreciate all the registry gifts, there is just something special about Mary Ann sharing her family recipes with me. Nathan's "blankie" is a handmade fleece-tie blanket made by my mom's former assistant and her daughter, who went to the school I taught at. Those people are not a significant part of Nathan's life, but he knows that someone made the blanket for him with love. There is something about handmade gifts that makes me so happy. I love to give them and love to receive them.

So this blog is being devoted to all the things I make and the things that others make for me. I think it will be fun to see my skills improve (especially sewing, I'm still working on the whole "straight line" thing!) and also it will be fun to showcase my friends' fabulous skills. If you like the things I make, leave a comment, I'll probably make one for you if you ask! If you have suggestions, let me know as well. I am open to constructive criticism.

Let the crafting begin!