Thursday, November 11, 2010

New wall hanging for the nursery

I finally finished Audrey's new wall hanging in her room:

The room used to look like this, with the crib bedding quilt hanging above the crib, the ladybug mobile on the right side of the crib, then Nathan and Audrey's 4 month hand-prints hanging to the right of the crib:

I took down the quilt, added the bumper back inside the crib, moved the ladybug mobile to the left side, and added this beautiful butterfly mobile to the right of the crib.  The handprints were moved to the corkboard I have next to the door to showcase Nate's artwork from preschool.

Here is Audrey's side of the room with the changes:

Here is how I made Audrey's hanging name.  I started with wood letters from Michael's, some sand paper, and glossy white spray paint.  I lightly sanded each letter smooth, then sprayed them with a couple coats of spray paint.  Make sure to allow for drying time.

Then I bought some pink and green ribbon at JoAnn Fabrics and got out the trusty staple gun.  I stapled the ribbon to the back of the A, then hung it from the curtain rod that was left over from the hanging quilt.  I just eyeballed how long I wanted the letter to hang, cut the ribbon and stapled the second piece to the back of the letter.  I measured out the rest of the ribbon using the first one as a guide and stapled them to the rest of the letters, alternating from green to pink with each letter. 

I then looped each ribbon over the curtain rod and pulled it through to hang.  Here's another angle of the room, with the dresser and diaper changer in the background.
Break down of cost:
6 wood letters - $12.54
Sandpaper - already had
Spray Paint - $5.59
2 spools of ribbon - $5.58
Staple gun & staples - already had

Total cost: $23.71

 What do you think?  What else does it need? I thought about lowering the curtain rod so the letters hang a bit lower.  But I didn't want Audrey to be able to reach them and pull on them and I don't want to put more holes in the walls!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crafty Christmas

We're all feeling the effects of the recession.  With that in mind, I am planning on making most, if not all, of my holiday gifts this year.  I just perused the internet for free tutorials (can't even afford patterns!) and came up with a list of perfect gifts for my closest friends and family.  I'll be posting projects and where I got the tutes as soon as I actually start!

Happy crafting!