Sunday, April 15, 2012

Caterpillar Birthday!

My daughter and my good friend's daughter turned 2 in December.  We planned a joint birthday for them using the theme The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Here are some highlights from the party.  Most of the ideas are from Pinterest!

Here is the invitation.

The first circle is the caterpillar's head.  The second circle has the poem:
We can hardly believe
two years have passed.
Our little caterpillars 
have grown up so fast.
Join the Dunnes and Heinleins
as we debut
Kiah and Audrey 
are turning TWO!

The third circle has a photo of each girl, and the fourth circle has the party info.  I used mini brads from Michael's craft store to attach each circle.  I then rotated the circles so they were stacked and slipped it in a large greeting card envelope to mail them off to the party go-ers.

I put an invite in a frame and displayed it at the party.  Making 20 of these invites took FOREVER, but they are so cute it was worth it.

A couple weeks before the party, we got the kids together and made these artworks.  Celia (the other mom and party planner) bought these canvases, acrylic paint, and toddler friendly paintbrushes.  I made the butterfly body forms with brown construction paper and glued them on top of the paint once it was dry.  I also had googly eyes to add once the art was dry.  We made this art as samples and displayed them at the art table at the party.  All the guests who came got to choose which artwork they wanted to make, make it, then take it home as their party favor!  It was a big hit with the kids AND adults alike!

I later hung the art in my kids' room as display of their artistic ability!

I made the girls birthday shirts out of felt and fabric.  I bought the plain white shirts at Kohl's.  I loved the little ruffle detail near the neckline.  I cut out the number two from polkadot and strawberry fabric and ironed on interfacing to the back, then ironed it to the shirts.  I zigzag stitched all around the two to adhere it to the shirt.  I then used my embroidery attachement to embroider the name letters onto different colors of felt.  The eyes on the caterpillar head are just little zeros!  I cut circles around the letters, trying to get the letter as centered as possible.  I used my 2" circle punch to make a paper circle template that I pinned on top of each letter, then cut around.  This worked well, but some letters are more centered than others.  You can tell it is handmade! :)  I then sewed each circle to the shirts using coordinating thread.  This part took awhile to change the top thread and bobbin each time, but I am really happy with how it turned out.  I wasn't going to sew the purple antennas on the caterpillar heads, but in the end I did.  

Here is Audrey in her shirt.  You can see the antennas.

Celia bought green tutus for the girls to wear, too.  They were adorable!

My mom also crocheted the girls caterpillar hats.  Here is Kiah modeling hers at her house:

I bought a book of the Very Hungry Caterpillar just to cut up and use for art.  I got a butterfly punch at Michael's and made these two frames: one for each girl to take home after the party.

I also used the book to make signs for the food table.  We served food from the book!  The big lollipops are from Dylan's Candybar.  Instead of an actual pie, my friend Janae made pie pops - they were adorable and delicious.  And instead of cupcakes, I made a table runner out of cupcake fabric.

Celia made delicious sandwiches with the salami and swiss cheese, and in honor of the leaf the caterpillar eats to make his tummy feel better, we had salad.

I made name banners for each girl and displayed them in the dining room with the food.  Here is Kiah's.  The letters are punch-out letters from a teacher supply store.  The colored polkadots around each letter are the girls' fingerprints!

 Here is Audrey waiting patiently for her cake.  My mother-in-law is a fabulous baker and made this cake.

Here I am enjoying the party with Audrey, my friend Carla, her daughter Kennedy, and my other friend Erin.  A ton of work went into pulling this off, but everyone had fun, the food was good, the decor was cute, so I was a happy mama!

 No, stripes nor black and white clothing were a prerequisite for attending the party.  My friends and I just have very similar taste in clothing!  Ha!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Freezer Paper Love

So I didn't know it until recently, but I love freezer paper!  Last year, while searching for something fun and unique to do at my good friend Carla's baby shower, I found a project for freezer paper stencils. I knew that with a little bit of effort, it would be fun!

I started out with random graphics that I liked.  Most were found from Google images.  This one is a tree with hearts as the leaves.  I traced the graphic onto a piece of freezer paper with a pencil (on the smooth side, not the waxy side), and using an Exacto knife and a self-healing mat, I cut on all the lines.   We wanted to have 20 different stencils for guests to choose from at the party, so my party planning hostess partner Janae cut out 10 and I cut out 10.  I'm not going to lie.  It took a long time.
Before the party, I ironed the stencils to the center of each onesie, positioning them so if Carla were to put pants or a skirt on the baby, you could still see the design. 

Here are some of the party guests painting onesies.  They choose the design they liked the best, and using sponge dabbers and fabric paint, sponged the colors on that they wanted.  Some girls used a one color design, some got bold and used a variety of colors.  We loved that guests could get creative with their onesie, but you did not have to be artistic for it to come out cute.

After the paint dries for about an hour, you can peel off the paper.  Make sure to launder it inside out for the first time.  How very Portland of us - a peace sign and a recycling symbol :)

As a Christmas gift this year, I decided to break out the freezer paper again.  My little sister lives in Eugene, a very Earth-conscious, "green" city.  So naturally, I made her a bicycle t-shirt.  I bought the plain gray t-shirt at Target and found a bicycle graphic that I liked from Google images.  

Here is my stencil, all ready to be ironed to the shirt.

And after ironing it. I positioned the triangle in the middle of the bike and the circles for the insides of the wheels while ironing.  It's important to remember where each piece goes as you are cutting.

Here is my Tulip brand fabric paint.  I got the palette and sponge daubers at Michael's.   I just sponged on a thin layer, making sure the coverage was good, but that I didn't use too much to make it bleed under the freezer paper.  I put a piece of cardboard on the inside of my shirt so the paint wouldn't soak through to the other side.

Here I am modeling the shirt before I sent it off to Marley.  Cute, huh?  And since I only had to buy the t-shirt, it ended up being a very inexpensive gift.  She said she loved it, so hopefully she wears it while riding her bike around Eugene! :)

Have you used fabric paint before?  What are your ideas for fun baby shower activities?  I'd love to hear about it!