Monday, May 31, 2010

Another diaper cake

Baby Shower #2 for this spring at Mill Park was for my friend and colleague, Katie.  She is having a little boy and his name will be Nash. Carla and I once again got together to make her an adorable diaper cake. Instead of trying to find fabric that would match her crib bedding that she registered for at Target, I just bought the flannel receiving blankets from the set. From that fabric, I made a burp cloth (looks like this), bib, two different toys (a crinkly square toy and a wooden ring with fabric and ribbon toy), and a onesie with a cute owl sewn on it (that I designed myself - go me!)

Here is a pic of all the goodies inside the cake:

Here is the cake the night Carla and I made it. Carla is so wonderful at making the cakes. She used this tutorial to learn how. She also uses two different sized quilt rings to keep the diapers together as she wraps the string around them. She covers up the string with ribbon and makes sure to hot glue to the ribbon to itself and not to the diapers, as to not ruin them. She likes using Seventh Generation diapers because they are bleach and chlorine free and also because the light brown color looks like whipped mocha frosting! :) After the cake was built we put these things on it: the Jittery Pals owl on top, blue Avent binkies, and washcloths folded up to look like roses stuck inside the bottom layer of diapers. We even put a Gerber thermal receiving blanket inside the bottom layer. The rubber duck ended up getting cut from the cake after this. He was just a little too awkward hanging out on the bottom by himself.
I then started adding some stuff to fill it up, since it was a little bare. I added silk flowers and leaves, little clip on bumble bees to the ribbons, and 6 Ring-a-Links, 3 on each side. My son Nathan has two sets of alphabet blocks, so I snatched the letters to spell Nash from the set he never plays with. The cake was cute, but now it was a little too busy.

On the day of the baby shower, I covered the lower piece of cardboard with tissue paper and then Carla picked it up to decorate. She paired it down a bit, so the finished product was perfect. It still had all the goodies and was pleasing to the eye. What do you think of our masterpiece? I think it's pretty cute! And the most important thing is that Katie loved it!

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owl said...

Your owl cake is so freaking adorable!