Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wooden Ring Toy

A couple of weeks ago I made a new toy for Audrey, from this tutorial. I love it! I used scrap fabric and scrap ribbon to make a fun, interesting, and colorful toy. Babies love contrasting colors and also bright colors, so Audrey really loves this! I made sure to vary the sizes and textures of the ribbon to make it even more interesting. I bought the wooden rings from this website, sanded them smooth, and coated them in beeswax from the PSU Farmer's Market that I melted it in a double boiler (one from Goodwill, a nice one would be ruined after this project!) and poured into a large mason jar to keep and use again. The wood smells really good and is soft and smooth for her teething gums. I have some extra rings, so let me know if you'd like me to make you one!

On the subject of toys, I LOVE Vulli's Sophie and also Pie.  What other baby toys do you love?

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