Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I LOVE Christmas time!  My birthday is in December and so is Audrey's.  With Christmas and New Years thrown in there, too, it makes for a very busy, but super fun month.  I dragged about half of the Christmas rubbermaid containers down from the attic today to start decorating.  With Audrey's first birthday party on the 18th, I didn't want the house full of Christmas stuff and I also wouldn't have room for a tree.  We are going to Sunriver for Christmas this year, so we're planning on bringing lights and ornaments with us and just getting a tree then.
I found this cute and FREE holiday banner today on Second Street's blog.  She had lots of really cute projects and ideas that I just loved!
Don't you think this banner would look so cute on my mantle?  I was thinking I can just trade it out for Audrey's birthday with one to match her party theme - owls!
Have you ever decorated only a little for Christmas?  Or do you always go all out?  I'd love to hear about some of your decorating ideas and traditions!


SGS said...

I have 2 large dogs who don't know where their tails go, so we have done small living trees when family come out, but usually, we bring garland in for our living room windows, do white little lights and put our ornaments there. Safe from dog tails and now safe from little hands with our baby. A few select decorations to make it feel festive in the rest of the house and call it good. Too much makes our little house way too small and cluttered. I love this idea, I may need to make one!

branlynnlewis said...

i love that banner, its super cute!

We love our tradition of going out picking out our tree as a family at the tree farm, then letting the farmers cut it down for us...we also pick out a new ornament every year together. i think its all the special moments during all the preparation that make Christmas so special, more so than the decorations themselves. I just try to savor everything about Christmas!!

I used to choose my home decor based on what would look good at Christmas :) I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! :) i hate it when Christmas stuff looks out of place.. and im not a fan of nic-nacs, so I usually opt out of the Christmas figurines....i have really grown to love simple decor and keeping clutter to a minimum (but it still feels so nice to go to my mother in laws.....who is the nic nac queen and has AT LEAST 25 boxes of Christmas ya i admit it DOES add to the feeling!) i just like it simple at home though

Now since we have changed our style, we like to keep it to just a beautiful tree and stockings, and of course you have to have the smell of Christmas! i love the febreeze holiday collection!!! Scents can add sooo much!

Kristin Neudorfer said...

Super cute!!

The Fetrows said...

Brad and I went to Sunriver last year, just the two of us for Christmas and I had to have a tree on Christmas! We got a tiny little Charlie Brown Christmas tree, decorated it when we got there! It wasn't big or anything, but I was glad to have it! We also got a big tree too for our place.
Love the Banner!
Have fun in Sunriver, and Merry Christmas!