Monday, March 8, 2010

Window Fix-up

Last year we remodeled our bathroom. When this was done, I got rid of a set of green curtains for a waffle-weave brown roman shade. Straight on, it looks fabulous. However, when you are in the shower, you could see outside (meaning people outside can see you in the shower!) And the window is too low to have the shade open when using the toilet. My solution was to put a window frosting film on the bottom half of the window. I got this idea from Young House Love, one of my favorite blogs.

I first cut the film one inch larger on each side than the size of the window. I then cleaned the window, and sprayed it with water. I peeled the film from it's backing, and placed it on the window. I used a small squeegee to smooth out the bubbles and used an exacto knife to trim the excess film. I love how I can open the shade to let light in the bathroom without having to worry about my backdoor neighbors being able to see in. And this was such an easy project!

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Wendy Markt said...

I knew this stuff existed, but I never knew how it went on. Thanks for posting!