Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My latest project - Burp Cloths

If you have been around newborns, you know they spit up, throw up, and drool quite often. I'm not the biggest fan of bibs, especially since newborns don't have full control of their arms and most the time push the bib in their face. So, I needed lots of burp cloths. I saw some fancy ones at Segals (my fav baby store in Beaverton) and thought, "I can make those!"
I bought pre-folded cloth diapers and sewed fabric down the center and ribbon in the sides. This was a perfect project for me, as I only had to sew a straight line! And with some of the ribbon, I got fancy and tried different stitches that my machine can do. It was fun to experiment. The great thing about these, too, is they make great gifts. I ended up making some for 4 different co-workers' baby showers and our friend's daddy baby shower. The two in the picture were the ones I kept for myself.

After I ran out of the diapers, I searched Etsy to get inspired on another way to make burp cloths and found this design. Again, I can make those! I went to Jo-Ann's and stocked up on Minky Dot fabric and some flannel. I cut both fabrics 9x15, sewed around them leaving a 1 inch allowance, sewed a large x in the middle so the fabric can't separate, cut the fringe, then sewed around again for extra durability. This is how mine came out:
I think my favorite is the Oregon Ducks fabric! Many friends will be getting one of those!