Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Diaper cake - by Carla!

Another part of this blog is to showcase my friends' crafts as well. Carla made this adorable diaper cake for my baby shower. It turned out so cute and I can use every single thing it's made from!
She started with Seventh Generation chlorine and bleach free diapers. Size 1 for the top tier and size 2 for the bottom. She decorated it with fake flowers (I'm saving those for another project), pacifiers (the only kind Audrey will use!), ladybug and butterfly patches (and she gave me plain bibs to iron them onto later!), ribbon (who can't use extra ribbon!), a couple small toys (that hang out in Audrey's crib) and a stuffed elephant piggy bank on top! You can order a pre-made diaper cake from BabiesRUs.com and the retail price ranges from $49-$109!! I think that Carla will have to make more in the future, because now all our friends want one when they have babies!

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teddy bear said...

I I can't tell you just how adorable your elephant diaper cake is!