Friday, October 22, 2010

Clown Costume

My friend Kristin asked me to sew her daughter Noelle a clown costume a couple of months ago.  I said yes, even though I've never done a sewing project that big before.  Kristin picked out and bought all the fabric and the pattern and sent it down to me from the Seattle area.

When I got started, I knew I would need some help.  So, I enlisted my mother-in-law Patsy.  She is a master seamstress and quilter.  I knew this project would be a cake-walk for her.  She helped me for quite awhile on the first day and we got everything cut out, attached my first zipper (yay!), and got the sleeves and pant leg all finished on the pink side of the costume.  The next day I did the other half of the costume and the neck line.  Doing this part by myself was hard and I let out a few choice words as I ripped out seam after seam of mistakes.  However, I prevailed, and the blue side looks pretty darn close to the pink side. 

The third day I made the yarn pom poms and the neck collar.  On the last day I made the hat, boxed it up, and sent it off back to Mill Creek, WA.  Kristin got it in the mail a couple days later and voila!  Here's the costume hanging in my dining room after I had finished adding the pom poms.
 And here's Noelle showing it off!  She may need to wear it next year too, because I'm sure it will still fit! :)
I'm pretty happy with my first big sewing project.  Have you sewed a Halloween costume before?  What did you make?  Maybe I'll get some inspiration for my next project! :)

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Kristin Neudorfer said...

You did a great job! She's going on day three of wearing it and it looks just as good as the day it arrived. BTW- everyone LOVES it and wants to know where they can get one... ;) You're the best!