Sunday, October 3, 2010

Living room is coming along

Remember that I'm in the process of re-arranging my living room?  Here's the low-down on what I've accomplished so far:
1. Painted 3 of the walls a lighter color
2. Moved the baker's rack tv stand to the garage
3. Moved the ladder bookcases to each side of the fireplace
4. Traded the blue chair for the brown chair that was in our bedroom.  Since I'm not nursing as much and Audrey sleeps in Nate's room now, there's no need to have the rocker in our room and it will get more use in the living room.
5. Went to Ikea yesterday and bought the white 5x5 Expedit shelf that I wanted.  So excited to put it together!

6. Hung curtains
7. Removed the large rug (part of it will be added later)
8. Took apart and sanded the new coffee table.  Just need to paint it and upholster the top.

That's about it!  I'm excited to be done!  I hope it turns out like the vision in my head.  Probably not, that never happens! :)

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