Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coffee Table

Last summer I decided I wanted to build a new padded coffee table for Audrey as she started to learn to walk.  I was inspired by a post from Kara Paslay Designs over at Young House Love.  The table was stylish, inexpensive, and didn't look too hard to make.

Instead of building the base, like Kara did, I decided to search Craigslist for an inexpensive table.  I found one very similar to this:
Table from Amazon.com for $89.99

And I paid $25 dollars for it!  Score!  I promptly cleaned it, took it apart with an alan wrench, and started sanding the pieces.  My wonderful hubby took over for  me, finished sanding, and painted all the pieces white, using paint we already had to re-paint closet doors and trim throughout our house.
Here is the table, taken apart
I went to Ikea to get fabric (black with white leaves), then ventured over to the as-is section and found a HUGE piece of foam for $10.  What a steal!  I then swung by Michael's on my way home and grabbed a bag of quilt batting and a can of Scotch brand spray glue with some 40% off coupons.

To make the table, I borrowed an electric turkey knife from my mother in law to cut the foam, Design on a Dime style.  (If you watch HGTV, you'll know they always use those things to cut foam!  And it works!) I sprayed the top of the table with the glue and placed the cut foam on top.  I then stretched the batting over the foam and using a staple gun, stapled it to the bottom.  I trimmed any excess batting from the bottom.  I then stretched the fabric over the top and stapled that as well.  I stapled them separate in case something were to spill on the table, I could replace the fabric without having to replace the batting, too. 

I thought about adding the tufted buttons, like Kara's table, but in the end, it was too much work.  I wanted to be done!  I added a wooden tray to the top that I had gotten years ago from Target, and a blanket to the bottom shelf for cozying up with on the couch, and called it good!

Here's the breakdown of price:
Coffee table from craigslist: $25
Foam from Ikea As-is: $10
Batting from Michales (on sale): $5.99
Scotch spray glue from Michaels (40% off): $8.40
Staple gun & staples: already owned
Sand paper and white paint: already owned
Mid-weight fabric from Ikea: $16 for 2 yards

Grand total: $65.39
Pretty good, since similar upholstered ottomans cost hundreds of dollars!  If I would have just used a coffee table we already had for the base, it would have been even less!

What do you think?  Have you tried to upholster anything?  What about modifying or updating some furniture? Do tell!


Akif Shamim said...

you made it look so nice ! i wonder if i could do any better or atleast anything similar to that..

Nicole said...

Thanks Akif! It was really easy, I'm sure you will be able to make one with no problems!

mel said...

I love it! Functional for a little one but stylish.